Covid-19 Coaching Guidelines

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Develop your reason to play through the coaching team at Reigate Priory LTC

Coaching Guidelines


  • Coaching is permitted for 1 to 1 coaching, as well as groups to a maximum of 6 players (Including the coach)
  • During lessons coaches will maintain social distancing from players at all times
  • Drills and how we provide instruction will adhere to social distancing guidelines
  • The toilets in the clubhouse are available to use, however the main club room and changing rooms remains closed unless in an extreme emergency to access the telephone or defibrillator


  • Coaching balls will be stored in the clubhouse (Please refrain from touching)
  • Ball pick up tubes will also be available to aid collecting balls and empty into baskets without touching them (All coloured balls apart from Red ball)
  • Players must come prepared with pre-filled water bottles, hats and suntan lotion applied


  • Please use the hand sanitizers positioned outside each gate before and after the lesson
  • If you need to sneeze or cough, do so into a tissue or upper sleeve
  • Avoid touching your face. Please tie up long hair
  • Anyone who is feeling unwell or showing any symptoms associated with the Coronavirus will not be allowed to attend their sessions
  • Anyone with someone in their household showing symptoms associated with the Coronavirus should not be allowed to attend their sessions and strongly encouraged to stay home


  • All payment must be made by bank transfer before lessons
  • There will be a 10-15-minute buffer between group lessons to allow time for players to leave before the next players arrive and to change the balls and sanitise


  • The same guidance applies for coaching children as for adults
  • Guardian (non-participant) attendance should be limited to one per child where possible, with social distancing strictly observed while watching the session