Code of practice for using the Changing Rooms

Reigate Priory LTC strives to ensure that all children are safeguarded from abuse and have an enjoyable tennis experience.

This document sets out the policy for the acceptable use of our changing rooms.

  • Please enter either changing room and lock the door behind you. When one changing room is in use, access to the other lavatory will become unisex and the changing room will be out of service until both are free.
  • Parents or guardians can accompany only their children in the changing room. Please lock the changing room door.
  • Groups of children will have sole use of changing rooms. This reduces any risks and potential vulnerability associated with mixing adults and children when changing and showering. Please lock the changing room door.
  • If adults and children need to share changing rooms, they will do so at different times.
  • If both adults and children require a changing room at the same time, the user will be on a first-come, first-served basis and lock the changing room door. The second user will need to wait before they can change. Access to one lavatory will need to be always available.
  • Should a girl or lady require the shower, please use the men’s changing rooms and lock the changing room door.
  • Under no circumstances will adult staff, coaches or volunteers change or shower at the same time as children using the changing rooms.
  • Mixed-gender groups of children will use the same changing room but at different times.
  • If we are made aware that a child or adult self-identifies as a gender that differs from the gender they were assigned at birth, we will work with them and their parents/carers (where it relates to a child) to make reasonable adjustments to changing arrangements to suit their needs (b. for more information on this please go to
  • Mobile phones and other electronic devices must not be used in changing rooms.
  • For younger groups of children, a DBS checked member of staff or volunteer will wait outside the changing rooms to allow children to call for assistance if required.
  • Where no changing facilities are available, children, parents, and travelling teams/ players will be informed prior to the game and advised to make alternative arrangements and take appropriate additional clothing, e.g. tracksuits, etc.