Club Policy regarding Allergies - with particular reference to nuts.

 We are conscious that some members of the club may suffer an allergic reaction where the main causes can be attributed to nuts, seeds and seafood. This policy focuses on the management of nut allergies.

It would be impossible for the club to provide an absolute guarantee the club is nut free, as we cannot monitor food brought in from outside the club. There is also a risk member’s and children with allergies might be led into a false sense of security if we state categorically the club will be nut free environment in future. We also believe there is a strong case to be argued that people, including children, with food allergies will develop a better awareness and understanding of how to manage their allergies if they are in an environment where allergens may be present. We do however accept that we have a duty of care to people attending the club and should do all we can to prevent people being exposed to a situation that may trigger an allergic reaction.

To minimise the risk of people at the club suffering an allergic reaction we have introduced a policy of the avoidance of nuts where we will restrict and monitor, as much as is reasonably possible, the presence of nuts at the club.

Whilst RPLTC will exercise all due care and attention to minimise risk, club members will be expected to self-manage their allergy and have an understanding of;

  • foods which are safe or unsafe
  • alert club officials if they think cross-contamination has taken place
  • their specific symptoms, if an allergic reaction occurs
  • their responsibility to carry their Epipen with them at all times
  • who to advise, if and when an allergic reaction happens
  • letting friends and club officials know about their allergy, in case of emergency

Allergic reactions can also be triggered by touching surfaces which may have been inadvertently contaminated. In addition we will ask anyone preparing food at the club to be, aware of and be able to disclose, the content of the food if asked to do so. We will also ask club members to keep work surfaces and food preparation areas clean at all times.