Clay is coming to RPLTC

Work to replace the asphalt courts with Artificial Red Clay (ARC) starts on 13th September and is expected to last for two weeks.

The current timetable (which may be subject to change and based on favourable weather etc) is as follows:

  1. Thursday 13th September: Contractor arrives on site and work commences on the Chicken Run. Hopefully the block of three hard courts will still play over the weekend of 15th and 16th September.
  2. Sunday 24th September: Last session on grass courts (weather permitting).
  3. Friday 28th September: The court contractor expects to be finished and it is anticipated that the courts will be open for play that weekend.

Parking while the work is in progress

Access to the Club on the morning of the 13th September and subsequent days is critical to ensure we hit our timetable. Members must not leave cars overnight during this period. Parking during the day will be very limited and if you intend to leave your car on site then you must liaise with the contractor to ensure your car will not cause a problem. Ideally members will park on the cricket club field instead.

Length of works

The quoted time-frame for works is two weeks. The earlier start of the work increases the likelihood of completion by 28th September, but does not guarantee it.

If you have any questions concerning the work, please contact Clive Stevens or Russell Dykes.

Further updates on progress will be sent in due course.