Covid-19 Coaching Guidelines

Covid-19 - Coaching Guidelines

Tennis has the potential for increased risk of transmission of COVID-19, and we advise attendees to read the Government’s guidance on Staying safe outside your home.

Coaching is permitted for 1 to 1 coaching, junior group coaching and junior tennis camps to a maximum of 15 players (Including the coach). Adult group lessons must be capped at 6 players per group (Including the coach).


  • Social distancing between players, and between the coach and players should be maintained at all times. Coaches should ensure this is emphasised to participants at the start of each session, and that they are clear on how they should maintain social distancing for each drill before starting it
  • Coaches will encourage players to avoid running down balls within an exercise if it could compromise social distancing
  • Coaches will not move between groups, and each coach will only interact with one group at a time, with groups acting independently of each other.
  • Guardian (non-participant) or carer attendance is permitted and is not counted as part of the maximum group size, but should be off court and limited to one per child where possible, with social distancing observed while watching the session
  • Attendees should be advised to limit their interactions with anyone outside of the group they are attending the venue with (e.g. players on another court or in a different coaching group)


  • Coaching balls and coaching equipment will be stored in the clubhouse (Please refrain from using outside of lessons)
  • Coaches now do not need to use new or fresh tennis balls for each lesson, and are no longer advised to be the only person to touch the tennis balls, extra care must be taken to ensure players do not touch your faces during play
  • Players must come prepared with pre-filled water bottles, hats and suntan lotion applied
  • Players should bring their own equipment where possible and sharing of equipment should be limited – however, use of communal rackets can be done subject to thorough cleaning processes between uses
  • Any coaching equipment used (e.g. cones) should be wiped down and cleaned rigorously after lessons


  • All coaches and participants should undergo a preattendance self-assessment for any COVID-19 symptoms using the information on the NHS website before leaving home.
  • No-one should leave home to participate in tennis if they, or someone they live with, has symptoms of COVID -19, currently recognised as any of: -
    • A high temperature
    • A new, continuous cough
    • A loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste
  • Should an individual have demonstrated any such symptoms, they must follow NHS and PHE guidance on self-isolation


  • Please use the hand sanitizers positioned outside each gate before and after the lesson
  • If you need to sneeze or cough, do so into a tissue or upper sleeve
  • Avoid touching your face. Please tie up long hair
  • Anyone who is feeling unwell or showing any symptoms associated with the Coronavirus will not be allowed to attend their sessions
  • If a player has developed symptoms of COVID-19, they should follow the Government’s test and trace guidelines, which can be read on the website


  • All payment must be made either by bank transfer before lessons or by card payment on court
  • There will be a 10-15-minute buffer between junior group lessons to allow time for players to leave before the next players arrive




Updated 17 July, 2020