Chairman’s Note

Chairman's Note

When I turned up at the reopening of the club on 29 March I have never seen so many broad smiles on people's faces. The past year has brought into sharp focus how important tennis is to our mental and physical wellbeing. As Chairman I am proud to say everyone at the club has pulled together and adapted to all the measures we have had to introduce to ensure the club is a safe environment for all ages to come and play tennis. If we continue to remain vigilant and to follow the protocols regarding physical distancing and hand sanitising there is every hope we will be able to return to near normality by the middle of the summer. We are welcoming new members, especially people who are returning to tennis, our tournaments are underway, coaching has restarted, we have put in place interim measures for club nights and our recently re-laid grass courts will be opening in May. I feel a wave of optimism flowing through the club and we can look forward to a hugely enjoyable summer of tennis. However it’s important we remember we are still bound by the guidance issued by the LTA, so consequently:


  • The clubhouse is closed. Only the use of the toilets is permitted.
  • Face masks should be worn when moving about inside the clubhouse
  • Players should arrive and leave the club promptly before or after their match and wait in cars if the weather is bad.
  • People should not congregate in groups of more than 6 when not playing
  • Hand sanitisers have been provided all round the courts and should be used on a regular basis.
  • All club members should make themselves aware of the latest LTA guidance. LTA Guidance


Chairman RPLTC