Junior Coaching

Message from Head Coach, Russell Dykes

On behalf of the coaching team I would like to offer a warm welcome to all members of RPLTC. Whether you are new to the club or a seasoned player we have a comprehensive coaching programme in place that will suit players of all age groups and abilities. Following the school timetable, the popular courses run after school throughout the week and on Saturday mornings, throughout the year.

As the Head Coach to the club for the last 14 years, I have introduced a comprehensive coaching programme that has been endorsed by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and provides something for everyone. If you are in any doubt as to what group is most suitable for your children please email (russell@rpltc.co.uk) or call me (mobile: 07870 271247) and we can discuss a programme that will ensure their enjoyment at the club.

As a guideline to the coaching on offer, please read below as to how the coaching changes for different age groups. To find out which groups are running at present please check the website or contact me to discuss what time is the most suitable.

Sign up here for the next block of junior group coaching. The sign up process is now all online making it easier for all!


At Reigate Priory LTC we are committed to offering tennis to all ages and standards. For this reason we are keen advocates of the LTA approved Mini Tennis programme which offers tennis to children in the form of 3 different colours:

Tiny Tots (Mini Tennis Red)                          3 – 6 year olds

Tiny Tots is designed to introduce our youngest members to tennis in a way that is both enjoyable and full of fun to ensure all the children have a good first experience at tennis. Using red balls and small racquets, lessons focus on ball skills and simple hitting and moving exercises to enable them to progress to Mini Tennis Red.


Mini Tennis Red                                                        6 – 8 year olds

Mini Tennis Red is played on a scaled down court with large, soft tennis balls and small racquets that are more appropriate to the child’s size, strength and ability. Players will learn the basic techniques and tactics whilst developing the mental and competitive skills to help them progress their tennis. There is also a lot of emphasis on coordination (general and hand-eye) and movement which are essential if they are to improve their tennis.

Mini Tennis Orange                                                 8 – 9 year olds

Mini-Tennis Orange is played on a 3/4 sized court with mini-orange balls. Players will improve on their basic technique and develop their tactical awareness. Their mental and competitive skills will be continually improving alongside this.

Mini Tennis Green                                                     9 – 10 year olds 

Mini Tennis Green is played on a full-sized court with slightly softer green tennis balls. Having developed a sound technique, there will be further work on this, but also a lot of emphasis on tactics and competition.

After Mini Tennis Green children are then introduced into full court tennis that is played using pressured balls and full size racquets. At this point everything learnt from mini tennis will enable a smooth transition that means they can play the game and enjoy everything the sport has to offer. We encourage parents not to rush children into this final stage as without the proper foundations learnt throughout mini tennis children become disheartened that they cannot rally and are not keen to progress.

Throughout the year we offer the following coaching activity to ensure all juniors get the most out of their membership:

Group Coaching

 All children start initially in these 45/ 60 minute sessions which follow the correct mini tennis or full ball tennis guidelines, as outlined above. Groups are kept to no more than 6 children to 1 coach to ensure an excellent staff to child ratio. There is a high emphasis on fun and enjoyment and the coaches are committed to ensuring your children get the most out of these sessions.

Performance Tennis

As our juniors make progress and they move through the group coaching system we offer a channel for those who are looking to be pushed further and take their game to the next level.

The performance groups are held throughout the week for 1 hour 30 minutes at a time which enables more time to focus on greater matchplay and more enhanced technical analysis. Juniors showing a strong commitment and ability are encouraged to take part and everybody is encouraged to compete in the club and local matchplays.

Team Training

Every Friday, we have a team training session at 17:15-18:15, where our team of coaches will ensure players can practice a controlled game of tennis under the guidance of the coaching team. We actively support our junior teams with over 14 teams entered into the summer leagues, with plenty of opportunity for everyone to play.

Private Lessons

There is no greater way to learn the skills necessary to play tennis then with a private lesson with one of the popular coaches at the club. Lessons are for any duration and tailored to focus on specific requirements.

Mini Tennis Tournaments/ Matchplays

 We are committed to introducing players to competition in a friendly environment where they learn the rules of the game, how to score, to win and lose and how to compete. This year the club will run a series of matchplay tournaments at the three levels (red, orange and green) as well as the popular junior closed tournament that is open to all members of the club. Please see the notice board for more details.

Social Tournaments and Matchplays

Throughout the year we will be introducing a whole host of activity to encourage play at all levels. Take part in our much anticipated parent and child events which run every half term, encouraging parents to join in too!

Look out for our starter tournaments too to introduce everyone into the sport in a positive and encouraging manner and at a level that suits them.